CBP not accepting new C-TPAT applications between 4/15 – 5/16

The Department of Customs and Border Protection- the agency responsible for C-TPAT certification – rolled out a new C-TPAT portal to all new applicants and existing partners during the last quarter of 2014. Now that it has been in place for some months, they are readying for the rollout of Phase II on May 16, 2015. The goal of Phase II is to restructure the security profile function into individual line items.

To ensure that potential applicants won’t have to complete their security profile twice, (once in the current format and a second time immediately after May 16th in the new format), persons will not be able to utilize the C-TPAT Portal to enter any new applications between the dates of April 15th through May 16th. Portal 2.0 will once again open for new applications once Phase II has successfully been put into place.

If you are an existing C-TPAT Partner and utilize a Broker or Consultant to maintain your existing certification records, contact these individuals directly, or your CBP-assigned Supply Chain Security Specialist, for any questions you may have.

However, if you are NOT yet certified, the benefits to certification are many and worthy of your review. Once certified, your business has the ability to take advantage of many opportunities including, but not limited to;

a. The ability to successfully leverage a Federal Government-approved security status to increase the number of contracts you earn
b. The ability to successfully monitor and manage your supply chain and reduce the time spent in customs
c. The ability to reduce your storage costs, costs for inspection, and damaged or lost-product costs
d. The ability to provide documented proof to buyers that your business has made a commitment to the development and maintenance of a threat-free supply chain and has identified suppliers who follow the same principals themselves.

Custom Trade Partners can easily and comfortably help you to meet these goals. It is absolutely our role to keep up with changing world security threats and the resulting procedural changes which inevitably occur. We take pride in eliminating your worries regarding the “whats and hows” so YOU can focus on the enterprise itself. That’s just good business.

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