Effectively Using Trade Data to Find Overseas Customers

In this age of “Big Data”, we all can be overwhelmed by the amounts and variety of information available and where we should go to “mine” it! Are you aware that “Open data, in the context of the U.S. government, refers to information that all levels of government generate on a daily basis and is freely available in a “machine-readable” form. That means any software developer can build sites and mobile apps that automatically access open data at no cost. In fact, developers are encouraged to use and reuse the data however they see fit to enhance their online offerings.” There are also companies who specialize in this form of “datamining” if your company is interested in taking advantage of this information but could use a little help.Click on the link below to find out where to begin to find the specific revenue generating information you need.

Another way to increase your business income is by leveraging a C-TPAT security certification from US Customs and Border Protection. if you have been exporting for at least a year, contact us at Custom Trade Partners, info@CustomTradePartners.com or 888-505-1960, for a free consultation to see how your business would benefit from becoming a C-TPAT validated Export Partner!