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About Custom Trade Partners

Lisa Jennings is our East Coast C-TPAT/Supply Chain Security Consultant. Her focus is on:

1. Assessing the business and it’s product(s)
2. Identifying the Culture and Processes
3. Organizing the procedures and details of the Supply Chain Cycle
4. Identifying and Mitigating Risk
5. Documentation of procedures
6. Creation of C-TPAT account on the CBP.gov Portal.

Lisa remains with our clients as a Project Management Coach throughout the entire procedure, providing support for clients at all times, including being onsite during the validation process with Customs and Border Protection.

Should our business be C-TPAT Certified?

To be C-TPAT certified means that your business is concerned enough to be a responsible corporate entity and protect our US Borders. Most Importers, Freight Forwarders, Transportation Companies and Related Foreign Manufacturers these days are sending annual Supplier Questionnaires to evaluate the risk level of their business partners.  C-TPAT certification is becoming a security standard much like the ISO standard is for Quality.  Forward-thinking Executives are pursuing C-TPAT certification for the company and encouraging their Business Partners to do the same.  Not only does Certification secure the first tier of their Supply Chain, but it adds an increased level of trust and value to that relationship between the company and their C-TPAT certified Business Partners.  Once certified, you will join the parters and ranks of an elite group of vetted and secure Importers and Partners within Customs and Border Protection’s  C-TPAT program.

Is C-TPAT certification one of your company KSO’s?

Let Custom Trade Partners navigate your corporate Supply Chain Security on OUR watch. We pride ourselves on shouldering the responsibility and managing the execution for our client-partners. Our excellence in client-focused service is proven through a system of:
* Knowledge and Understanding of Specific Business Environment
* Collaboration and Customization with each client-partner
* Proficient and Savvy Project Management Skills resulting in Certification/Validation

We also provide programs and benefits such as:

* Identification of Threats and Risks, Risk Assessment Report with Recommendations
* Security and Threat Awareness Training (Each one customized for Client)
* Ongoing Annual Maintenance of Client Certification, Trainings and Portal Updates

Custom Trade Partners also offers Value-Added Consulting Services suited to businesses searching for new Systems and Procedures due to growth or development of new Protocols.
Curious? We’d be thrilled to show you what we do! Receive your free, no-obligation company assessment today and begin to see your clear path to secure global commerce!

Lisa Jennings

Principal Consultant

I understand the organization and dynamics of small to mid-size companies and how stressful it can be to galvanize employees and earn their buy-in for a “standardized” certification. The best part part of my job is demonstrating to my clients just how customized we can make C-TPAT procedures and how easily we can implement them into existing protocols. Call or email us today. We are here to help!

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