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Importer Services

Is your company’s imported cargo being held up at a US Customs Port of Entry awaiting inspection? If so, your business deserves the benefits of C-TPAT Partner certification! Shipments held at ports of entry require extra time and expense for inspection and storage, while also being offloaded or transferred after all other cargo from companies who are already certified.  Get a quick start on earning your C-TPAT certification with Custom Trade Partners and ensure that YOUR secure imports receive front-of-the-line processing above your competitors!

Exporter Services

If your Company is a US-based Exporter, a CTPAT Exporter certification issued by US Customs and Border Protection can provide your business with these similar benefits and trade advantages offered by mutually- recognized International secure-trade programs.

The CTPAT goal of a closed-loop, secured supply chain – and the assignment of a dedicated Supply Chain Security Specialist from CBP – provides your company a VIP opportunity to leverage this elite standard and its many benefits in today’s dynamic global market.

Trade Community

US Customs Brokers not yet C-TPAT certified will benefit from the same customized and collaborative services our business clients receive. As a Broker, you meet multiple and urgent needs for your clients every day. We want to show you why Custom Trade Partners is the only resource you will need to take some of that urgency off of your shoulders. Let us demonstrate our passion and commitment for providing unparalleled world-class customer service. Your takeaway? The ability to leverage more business for your brokerage, and the confidence you will have in knowing that Custom Trade Partners will provide the same kind of customer focus and exacting standards that you provide your clients with.

We proudly celebrate the fact that we represent an extension of your business and services. Call our office at 888-505-1960 to set up an appointment to meet our consultant in person. No sales talk – just connections!

Custom Trade Partners: Proudly “Navigating a Clear Path to Secure Global Commerce” for our client-partners.

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